Monday, May 02, 2005

A New Age of Understanding: unfinished

Call me a romantic! Reason is around the corner. The 05 UK election marks a watershed in the failure of institutions to reflect and manage the expectations of a highly evolved people. In spite of the dispicable overfamiliarisation of contempt for our warrior leader (Tony B), he is but a casualty of collective sneering, apathy and debasement. He is a player - one who deserves respect (and commands it on a global stage) - whose limitations are far from personal. No party any longer speaks for Britain and the cultural continuum has thus been broken. Sinful is the inability of parties to manage change and their own evolution - but at the cost of coherent continuity as far as the inhabitants of the Island are concerned. But they are the dinosaurs and must not be mourned. What vessel though will house the collective intelligence of people, parties and the prevention of Sierra Leoneian war-rules morality in the crazy transition to a new dawn? Is the calibre of a Tony B at the cometh'd-hour unrequited, and if so, who's in charge? We're done with administrators (as politicians purport to be but are clearly inferior to civil servants) - we're done with monarchy - we're done with theocrats. Rubbish. Choice, pluralism and finding our own voice was never meant to negate all this. This country has been built on morality, monarchy and administrative prowess. It's all about (assigned) leadership, consent and particpation: rules and responsibilities. If we're done with wanting the rights and f..k the responsibilities because we cant be bothered then we are but a sliver away from being embonded and forgoing our rights. Demanding, apathethic adherence to only 'take' is the fundamental limitation to building upon our collective intelligence. To design the future framework of representation (that will succeed where parties have failed) is to keep what's useful, revere the tried and tested and empowever collective authority to provide a framework in which leaders of calibre will come forward and serve symbolic office. Our office. Not reduced to the cackling of hoards incapable of deciphering accountable service to state office from the corrupt, inept and wicked.


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